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The aim and scope of the Bulletin of Applied Mechanics is to convey scientific progress in applied mechanics to those concerned with application of this knowledge for the engineering practice. It addresses itself primarily to students, teachers, as well as to mechanical, civil and biomedical engineers involved in the study and practical application of mechanics. The Bulletin publishes original contributions in the field of experimental and numerical mechanics, mechanics of materials, biomechanics and review articles by experts on new developments in theoretical mechanics and advances in experimental techniques. An important aim of the Bulletin is to achieve a balance between academic material and practical applications

Vol 9, No 35 (2013)

Table of Contents

Original Article

Submodelling Technique and the Detail Structural Analysis
Pavel Hrubý, Ondřej Krňávek 41-45
Influence of friction factor on deformation behaviour of the AA6063 alloy during ECAP; FE analysis
Lenka Kunčická, Radim Kocich 46-50
Comparison of software tools for simulation v2x car communication
Michael Valasek 51-52

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